Food and Drink

5 March 2015

Food and Drink

  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
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  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink
  • Petit déjeuner
  • Vaisselle
  • Thé ou café?
  • Velouté de courgettes au chorizo
  • Tiramisu pêches
  • Tiramisu abricots-chocolat
  • Tarte chocolat-orange
  • Tarte aux mirabelles
  • Tarte à l'orange
  • Strawberry tart
  • Poisson-tequila
  • Poisson aux clémantines
  • Peach tart
  • Parfait d'abricot
  • Pain JUN18
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Endive appetiser
  • Crunchy chocolate and orange tart
  • Cotriade en croute
  • Cod steak with coconut and fennel dessing
  • Chocolate and mandarin tart
  • tirmasu
  • soupe-melon
  • salade-aux-fruits-2
  • rouleau-de-poisson
  • poisson-sauce-safran
  • fruit-salad-1
  • cotriade
  • gateaux - Version 2
  • Apéro - Version 3
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On your arrival, we suggest that you relax in the garden, or in front of one of the wood stoves in winter, with a glass of chilled fruit juice, coffee, tea, herb tea or hot chocolate and biscuits (served around 5 pm), or you can make your own tea or coffee the courtesy tray in your suite.

Organic Breakfast   Organic  Petit déjeuner

A generous breakfast is served daily between 8 am and 9.30 am in the dining room. A wide range of organic produce is available, and special dietary needs can be accommodated. The menu includes
  • Chilled fruit juice
  • Fresh or pressed fruits
  • Fruit and nut muesli, cornflakes, porridge with cinnamon or chocolate (on request in winter)
  • Yoghurt or fresh cheese
  • Fresh bread from the local bakery and bread from a local farm
  • Jams and/or honey
  • Boiled egg(s) or cheese on request
  • Filter coffee (expresso coffee available on request), black and green teas, herb teas or hot chocolate
  • Vegetarian or gluten-free dishes available on request
Breakfast is included in the room charge

Organic Gourmet Dinner   Organic

Organic gourmet dinners are served in the dining room at 8 am. Reservations at least 48h in advance, please.
The fixed menu features a starter, a main course and a dessert, followed by coffee or herbal tea. The main course will be composed of fish from the market and other sea produce, organic meat or poultry, organic vegetables and fruit from our own garden, from local producers or from the local organic retailer, and organic bread from a local farmer. Vegetarian or gluten-free dishes are available on request.
  • 25 euros per person.
  • Assortment of cheese or sheep's cheese with cherry jam, 5€ per person (according to availability)
  • Minimum 4 people.
  • Guests may purchase alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

When there are fewer than four guests, we propose a shorter version of our organic gourmet dinner, comprising a main course and a dessert followed by coffee or herbal tea..
  • 20 euros per person.
  • Guests may purchase alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Assortment of cheese or sheep's cheese with cherry jam, 5€ per person (according to availability)
  • Maximum 3 people.
  • Not available when 3-course menu or Celebration Dinners are served.
When the weather is fine, we might replace these meals by an organic picnic that includes a salad with cheese and/or cold meats, bread and a dessert or pancakes, which we serve on the terrace under the pergola.
  • 20 euros per person.
  • Guests may purchase alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Fruit juice, 3€ per glass
  • Wine of the day, 5€ per glass (12 cl) or other wines from 20€ per bottle
  • Other drinks may be ordered

Scroll to the bottom of this page for examples of our dishes

Organic Celebration Dinner

For special occasions such as Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Easter Sunday, Saint Valentine's day, etc, or when you have something special to celebrate with friends or family, we propose a special celebration dinner composed of 4 or more separate courses and including champagne and local specialities, mostly organic, of course. Special requests can be accommodated; our aim is to make the celebration unforgettable.
  • 45-60 euros per person, according to menu.
  • Minimum 6 people.
  • Reservations at same time as room reservations, please.


We prepare our dishes mainly with produce from our own garden, our neighbours' garden (with their permission, of course) and local organic producers, with herbs and spices from around the world to add an occasional exotic touch. Here are just a few examples (recipes vary according to the availability of ingredients).

runner-beans rhubarbe radis pois-mange-tout pois-plantes navets ommes-de-terre-plantes haricots-et-courgettes haricot-plantes groseilles framboises-et-murs courgettes-plantes courgettes chestnuts cassis



Coco au Lieu de Coco. A mini-casserole dish with coalfish, fresh Paimpol beans (a local speciality) and green beans, salicorn or sea algae in a coconut sauce. The name is a play on the names of ingredients in French. It doesn't translate into English, obviously.

Grilled asparagus wrapped in ham and topped with cheddar cheese.

Grilled goats' cheese on toast served with green salad.

Vegetable crumble. Baked crispy garden vegetables in a mini-casserole topped with a savoury crumble crust.

Spinach crumble. In the same vein, fresh spinach leaves mixed with bacon, goats' cheese and olive oil.

Scallops in saffron cream sauce. The saffron comes from Saudi Arabia; the scallops are local, of course.

Tomato and goat cheese clafoutis. One of Armelle's specialities, served freshly baked.

Smoked trout and spinach pie. The farmed trout comes from the mouth of the River Trieux, the spinach and other ingredients from local farms.

Goats' cheese and zucchini brochette. Grilled until the cheese just starts to melt, then topped with thyme and honey, serve on a bed of salad.

Pea and bacon soup. A recipe based on a classical dish from the north of England, made with peas from our garden and a touch of mint of the same provenance.

Chilled zucchini and cream cheese soup. A touch of cucumber, a splash of olive oil and quite a bit of basil.

Main courses

Forest Fields (a dish named after Tony's old school). Pork stuffed with prunes or olives and roasted with ingredients from the forests and fields, like chestnuts, mushrooms and apple cider, and glazed with honey. Served with vegetables of the season.

Corsican veal. A genuine Corsican dish made from tender veal in a rich and savoury tomato and wine sauce with garden vegetables, green olives, aniseed, basil and fennel.

Turkey-Turmeric. A house speciality, made from diced turkey and carrots in a lightly spiced and creamy almond sauce with a touch of orange, served with green vegetables and Thai rice.

Fish filet with orange-tequila sauce. Our guests' favourite, if we judge from the number of requests for recipes. Fish filets baked with slices of orange and topped by an unbelievably good sauce that sets your taste buds alight. Served with rice and green vegetables.

Shepherds' pie revisited. For this traditional dish, we scrapped all the old ingredients and started afresh. We use black pudding instead of meat and bake it sandwiched between applesauce and slices of apple with nutmeg, and then top it off with creamed sweat potatoes and grilled mozzarella cheese. How untraditional can you get?

Cod steaks with an olive crust. Baked thick cod steaks with a chopped black olive crust served with a lemon and parsley sauce together with garden vegetables.

Spicy Lamb. Milder than a traditional Indian curry, with a rich and creamy coconut and lemon sauce that takes away the harshness of the coriander and produces a fruity flavour. Served with Basmati rice.

Pork and pineapple. A lightly spiced sweet and sour sauce adds zest to tender diced pork. Served with rice and garden vegetables.

Fish casserole. Fresh or smoked fish, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and vegetables cooked in a cream sauce with fennel, dill and parsley.

Haddock and Samphire. Rolled fillet of haddock stuffed with samphire and served with a lemon-butter sauce and sautéd vegetables in parsley.

Cotriade. A traditional Brittany dish somewhat like Bouillabaisse. Every recipe we have looked at is different, often dramatically different, and so too is ours, every time we make it.

Stroganoff. The traditional recipe, with a rich and creamy mild paprika sauce; served with rice or potatoes and green vegetables.

Monkfish poached in coconut cream with fennel and young potatoes, served with green vegetables.

Baked Pollock flan with sesame seeds and chopped red bell pepper, served with green salad.

Pork and Beans. A new twist on an old theme. Pork cheeks are roasted first to seal in the flavour and then mixed with fresh local Paimpol beans (Cocos de Paimpol), herbs, spices and tomatoes and baked until just right.

Fish steaks with kiwi and pastis sauce. Yes, you read that correctly. Bolstered by the success of our orange and tequila sauce, we thought we'd try again and came up with this unusual but delicious combination. Served with roasted sweet potatoes and something green, depending on the season.

Leg of lamb with mint sauce. Lamb and mint go very well together but the English do something awful with mint sauce: they mix chopped mint with vinegar and sugar and serve it cold in a corner of the plate. Our lamb is sliced, cooked fast in hot butter and chopped mint to which vinegar and honey are added at the last minute. We think you'll like it much more than the traditional version.    


Traditional fruit crumble. Rhubarb, apples, pears, kiwis, plums, peaches, strawberries, blackcurrants and blackberries all make their way into our fruit crumbles at some time of the year or another. Served with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream.

Tiramisu. Rich in chocolate, mascarpone and fruit, with just a dash of liqueur, this Italian favourite is sure to please everyone.

Cheesecake Giangrande. Our lemon cheesecake is based on a recipe from Tony Giangrande, who runs an excellent restaurant in Paris (http://www.leclindoeil.com/). It's light and airy, with a crunchy biscuit base and red fruits.   Ricotta and kiwi pasty. Forget about Cornish pasties and try this one. The dry Ricotta cheese goes surprisingly well with the juicy local kiwis and crunchy puff pastry.

Teurgoule. A traditional rice pudding, baked in the oven with cinnamon or vanilla.

Moelleux au chocolate. Freshly baked chocolate cake with a rich and dark melted chocolate centre, served with egg custard (the French call it English cream), whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry cake. Nothing more and nothing less than sweet strawberries in a light and fluffy cake, served with cream, custard or ice cream. Simple but good.

Butterfly. Two buckwheat galettes stuffed with stewed fruit and covered with hot chocolate sauce.

Orange and chocolate tart. Bitter and sweet orange embedded in a rich chocolate base. Looks good and tastes even better.  

Our local organic food suppliers

  Much of the food we serve at breakfast and dinner and in our picnics comes from local organic producers. The organic bread, for example, is made in Kerbors by Cantale and Pascal Daniel, who also grow their own wheat and mill their own flour. We use their flour to make our own pastries and cakes.

Our vegetables come mainly from the Bechet family farm at Keradern in neighbouring Trédarzec, from the Rousseau family farm in Pont Guen and from the Daniels at the Kermellou organic farm in Ploëzal.

Brittany milk isn't suitable for making hard cheeses because the fat content is too high due to the lush grass that the cows and sheep eat, but we sometimes get an excellent organic sheep cheese from the Bergerie at Landerbaeron. The cream and soft cheeses come from the Wern Farm in Ploubèzre, and we should warn you that their double cream is 50% fat.

You know that Brittany is famous for it’s apple juice and cider, which is rather like English scrumpy. We have two main suppliers, the Cidrerie Côte des Bruyères in Trédrez-Locquémeau and the Verger du Guindy in Pluzunet (don't you just love these strange names?). If you don't like cider, then try the dark beer, which comes from the Brasserie Kérampont in Lannion.

Most of our pork comes from the Ferme de Foreschou in Le Vieux Marché. The rest of our meat comes from one of our three local organic butchers. We buy everything else we serve, except for what comes from our own garden or from our neighbours' garden, at local farmers' markets, in our local BioCop organic supermarkets, from wine merchants or in the organic section of our local supermarkets.